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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Jungle Queen has some Inner Sparkle

Did you catch the title? Did you think that it was referring to China Glaze's Jungle Queen from the On Safari collection? Selena Gomez's Inner Sparkle from Nicole by OPI? Yeah that was my lame attempt at being witty, haha.

Yes ^^that^^ is my awesome coffee mug in the background haha

Anyways, diving right in! Over the holidays, I was fortunate enough to get quite a few bottles of polish for Christmas (woo hoo!) I kept kicking myself last fall for not having snagged Jungle Queen when i actually had access to buying it! --For those of you who don't know me personally, i live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. We have one beauty supply shop (Sally's) and it's a whole like two aisles big! SO, on our way home from our trip during the holidays, i was lucky enough to stop at an ULTA and saw a bottle of Jungle Queen in the discount bin! SCORE! Another 'regret' quickly fixed :) Sadly though, i was less than impressed by the actual product-more on that in a bit. After getting back into town, I saw swatches of the new Selena Gomez collection all over instagram and a few caught my eye, including Inner Sparkle. So when we went into town, while at Walmart, in the very back corner, was a nice, but hidden, display of Selena Gomez NOPI polishes!

Earlier today, I posted a sneak peek picture of my mani...   

Jungle Queen swatched... It's a beautiful darker smoky gray with a lavender/purply undertone to it. It is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. In most lights it just looks almost charcoal  and then a slight adjustment of the hand and let it catch the light and that is when you get flashes of that gorgeous purple.


Unfortunately, i was REALLY bummed about the quality of this polish. Sad because it is so beautiful! It was THICK and hard to apply evenly. Above is just one coat without a topcoat. I think a few drops of polish thinner may be able to fix it. I don't know if anyone else had this issue or not, but I would be interested to hear what your experiences were regarding this polish!  Though i MUST say this: for as thick as it was, it dried insanely fast!

So after it dried, I immediately decided that i wanted to attempt to top it with some glitter...i went to my polish station looking at my collection of untrieds and saw my Selena Gomez NOPI glitters i had picked up. Inner Sparkle jumped out at me and i felt like it was going to be a good match. 

Inner Sparkle swatched...it's a clear base packed full of fine gold glitters and larger lavender and baby pink glitters. Totally girly and i love it!   Again, in some lights, at the right angle, it just appears to be a gold glitter polish...then change the angle, you catch glimpses of those pinks and lavenders as well.

Inner Sparkle applied like a dream. Nice even placement and isn't much of a top coat gobbler like some glitters can be! You can see here ⬇ that in some lights, it appears to be gold, while in other lighting, it comes off having glimpses of those colored glitters. 

Overall, i am rather pleased with how this mani turned out. Sure it had it's hiccups, but it was a good match ultimately!  

Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed!

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