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Friday, January 11, 2013


HI THERE! I thought I would take the time to introduce myself! I am NEW to blogging...I've talked about blogging for quite a while, but with three kids-i have three small boys- it isn't always easy to find a quiet moment to sit down and blog. I am an Air Force Veteran, Wife and mom of three- but i've already mentioned that! :)

My name is Marianne, but my 'online' name in general is Mavoreen. Mavoreen is my nickname from my husband from when we first started dating. It's irish/gaelic for "My Beloved".

My interests include anything to do with nails, beauty or fashion. I love to cook and bake-i am a MAJOR foodie. I enjoy listening to music and reading as i find them both to be relaxing and my escape from reality when this momma needs a break.

  *My oldest two are twins, born 7 minutes apart and there is only 17 months between my twins and my youngest
  *I was adopted as a teenager
  *I have Fire Engine Red hair
  *Before I left for bootcamp, i was asked if i would be interested in singing at the local junior college for sporting events but had to turn them down as i was leaving shortly after their inquiry.

  *Textaholic-i am always texting, ALWAYS! I find it easier to text than be on the phone as my kids are VERY loud creatures haha

  *i was baptized in the Jordan River in Israel and then spent my 11th birthday in Switzerland

  *Places we have been stationed-(besides Lackland and Sheppard AFBs for training) Eglin AFB in Florida, Elmendorf AFB in Alaska, Kirtland AFB in New Mexico and we are now at Cannon AFB which is in New Mexico as well

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed learning a few things about me!


  1. thank you for your service! wow, fire red hair! that sounds pretty, mine is a weird golden strawberry red.. pretty but kind of boring. So cool you were baptised in Israel.. and I'm very jealous you got to spend your birthday in Switzerland. My great grandmother was Swiss so I have a fondness for the country :) Very cool!

    1. Aww thank you! Yes! I have fire red hair haha! I have a picture on my facebook page and IG as well! I love strawberry blonde! Haha, the trip to Israel was with my parents' church and there was an option for a three day 'layover' and since that was when my birthday was, it was sort of a birthday present :) It was beautiful, i'd love to go back and visit again! That's cool your great grandmother was swiss! My husband's grandmother and great grandmother are immigrants from Hungary. His mom is the first american born generation. I would love to go see where they grew up so many years ago. I've heard wonderful stories from them!