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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nail Break and TIOT

So this morning...I was vacuuming and was cleaning out the filter when THIS happened :(

Don't mind the black streak on my nail..that was from the attempt at water spotting my nails. You can see that post HERE... But seriously, SERIOUSLY?! The freakin' filter?! NOT happy with the vacuum right now! Oh well! I can't just leave one nail noticeably shorter than the other, so i decided to give them all the chop! 

They better grow back fast! Guess i'll put Essie's grow faster to the test! *fingers crossed* 

Later on, I remembered that it was Tuesday which meant it was TRY IT ON TUESDAY aka TIOT. So I found a polish that i have had laying around that hasn't had any lovin' and boy do i feel bad! Nicole by OPI "baby" blue by Justin Beiber from his One Less Lonely Girl collection is GORGEOUS! I can't believe i had waited so long to try it! 

From left to right- inside with flash, outside in shade, outside in direct sunlight. Such a GORGEOUS sky blue! It applied AMAZINGLY smooth. Completely opaque in two coats. I can't wait to use this baby when it warms back up and i can get a bit of a summer glow! 

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