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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Glittertastic Nubbins!

So since i had to do the chop to my nails after my thumbnail breaking, i decided i needed something sparkly to cheer me up since I'm now rocking nubbins again. I was seriously bummed out about this breakage...I was finally just starting to get some good length(for me) to them and of course, my luck comes along..did i mention it was bad luck?! Damn vacuum filter! Enough with the rambling!

Earlier today on Instagram, i posted this photo as a sneak peek! HELLO HOLO-GOODNESS!!

*drumroll* I give you, Wet n Wild's Black Creme  and OPI DS Coronation topped with Ninja Polish's Hanukkah Floam!


So i got distracted while doing my right hand for a half a second and ended up just going from my thumb right to my index finger with the DS Coronation..oops... But i decided ehh why not mix it up a bit?!


So much sparkly goodness!!! The Hanukkah Floam is AMAZING. So much sparkle to it! Layered over the black, it almost looks galactic like in certain lights. I had envisioned this a few days ago, and while i wasn't anticipating it being done on my little nubbins, i still love the overall look! 

 A few close ups. I hope you enjoyed this!

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