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Friday, January 11, 2013

Starting With The Basics

                    Doing my nails has always been a favorite 'activity' of mine for as long as I can remember- Even as a small child, getting into the stash of polish in the bathroom...it's been going on for a long time. In middle school, I was always wanting to wear black and red as they were both banned colors in the house growing up. I was told red was too 'sexy' or adult like for me and black was telling everyone i was into witchcraft. I was neither sexy, as I was extremely klutzy and FAR from 'sexy' -as sexy as a middle schooler can get, and witchcraft? REALLY?! It's a freaking color on my nails! I wasn't running around wearing all black, black liner, jet black hair and listening to metal... Though i do get asked all the time if I'm Wiccan because of my tattoo on my foot- but that's another story for another day!

                    Anyways, when i was younger, i didn't have the slightest idea about nail care. I was a nail biter, polish picker, used em as if they were tools, and i certainly didn't bother with a base or top coat. So I thought i would share with y'all, my favorite base and top coats as well as polish removers/cuticle oils and such...

Base coats- I use a wide variety of base coats as i feel that when i use the same ones over and over, they lose their effectiveness on my nails. 

Essie Grow faster-I've just started this recently and seem rather pleased with it so far. Revlon Calcium gel nail hardener is a good one i have used off and on for a few years now. Sally Hansen's Thicken up/Triple Strong/Maximum Growth are also a few i alternate. OPI Nail Envy is pretty darn good as well and i use it fairly regularly. Nail Magic-i had heard people rave about this but it hasn't done much to improve my splitting/peeling weak nails. Lastly, Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails. This stuff is great, IMO for a cheap base coat/hardener. i find it is as durable as Nail Envy and is wayyy cheaper!

Top Coats- THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE AND IT IS SECHE VITE! i had tried others and none dry nearly as fast or have the same high quality shine or last nearly as long!            

This is hands down, the only top coat i will ever use! Well, unless they come out with a cool glittery version or something, I won't be deterring from it! I have three young children and i am always cleaning up after them and seche vite has held up through rounds of scrubbing tubs and toilets and floors and everyday chores as well like dishes!

Cuticle Oil and Polish Remover- When i am removing glitter, i  always reach for a plain bottle of acetone-walmart or target brand, whatever is on sale and cheap, doesn't matter as long as it's 100% acetone and gets the glitter off in a timely manner. BUT for regular polish removal, Lacey of Lace and Lacquers (I'm going to try to figure out how to link her haha-bear with me)  http://www.laceandlacquers.com/ had mentioned a while back that she was trying out Cutex's Advanced Revival and that she ended up liking it. WELL i decided to follow her lead and try it out and it is AMAZING. Yes it has acetone but it does NOT leave your finger tips feeling dried out the way most acetone based removers do! This one is fabulous!  Cuticle oil, I am loving Orly's cuticle oil. It smells good and doesn't seem as oily as others. It seems to absorb fairly quickly which is good in my book! 


So there we have it! I guess this means i have survived my first REAL post! Thanks for taking the time to check it out! :) 


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