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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WNW: Saved By The Bell Collection and a NEW swatching pose

Okay I meant to get this up sooner, but darnit, it's difficult to keep up on mutliple things when you've got kiddies running around!

Anyways! Last month, I won a giveaway from Destany of Confessions Of A Sarcastic Mom and my prize was the AMAZING, HARD TO FIND Wet n Wild Saved By The Bell collection!! So you can imagine my excitement! :) I have swatches of all six fabulous colors for you today!

So I have a funny story... As I was swatching the fabulous Pink- Pom Pom Kelly...I had a photoshoot mishap as you shall see...

So, yeah...everything is going fine and great..With and without flash and then my fat ring finger had to go and smudge the crap out of my pinky...So i decided that i would photograph the next with just three fingers...which made me decide that i wanted to maybe make it my 'signature' pose of three fingers- kind of like the Three Finger Salute that is featured in the Hunger Games..and if you read my Versatile Blogger Award post, you would know that I am a huge nerd :) 

Thus, I bring you the three fingered swatch!

So, trying that again, here is Pom Pom Kelly. A super hot pink. Application was good. Completely opaque in one thicker coat. So you can see, it looks almost hot red in certain lighting but boy this baby is BRIGHT! This is topped with one coat of Seche.

Next up is the amazingly highlighter yellow in Pin Em Slater..As you can see, there is  a majorly noticeable VNL going on...so i had tried it out again another day with white undies for the Yellow and it gave it so much more pop!

Next up to bat is the wonderful purple, Fashionista Lisa..a wonderful polish that applied in three easy coats.

Straight A Jessie....A SUPER HOT FIERY ORANGE! This was two coats as well and boy is it HOT! In some lighting, this and Pom Pom Kelly look similar but don't be fooled, one is definitely pink while the other is definitely orange!

Who didn't love Screech and his major nerdiness? Up next is Nerd Alert Screech- a super bright green with a hint of shimmer to it! I really thought i wouldn't care for this with my skintone but i was pleasantly surprised at how much i actually really did like it! I used three easy to apply coats.

Last but certainly, not least...Everyone's crush, Chick Magnet Zack... A gorgeous darker teal... It reminds me of a darker version of China Glaze's Turned Up Turquoise...by no means a dupe, but a nice deeper colored cousin if you will. I used two coats with easy application as well.

Overall, I LOVED this collection and have a feeling I will be reaching for it quite often. I would highly recommend you get yours hands on it, should you get an opportunity!  And i must throw out a HUGE THANK YOU to Destany for being so great to host that giveaway and another huge thanks to her for me winning it!!  

Thanks for reading! Til next time...

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