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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Milani Hot Pink Frenzy, Nail Stamping and a photobomb

So I picked up Milani's Hot Pink Frenzy right before christmas and haven't had a chance to try it out til now. Boy have I been missing out! 

In addition to being a fast dry polish, it is extremely pigmented and held true to being 'one coat formula'... one easy coat provided full coverage and was completely dry in five minutes. Yes it says 60 seconds but 60 seconds in, it's still definitely smudge-able... 

As the name says, it truly is a HOT pink...looking nearly red in some lights...The photos with the bottle is pretty true to color. 
So this afternoon, i was trying to get some more natural looking photos and my son was sitting in my lap...and his hand and oh so important car decided to photobomb my picture lol!

I decided to try out a new stamping plate i ordered recently off of Amazon that has skulls, boats and anchors on it. I thought a bow would be a cute touch..so here it is!

Overall, i was thoroughly impressed with the quality of this polish. Fast drying, one coat coverage and a gorgeous color. Hope you enjoyed!

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