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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Glitter Bomb!

Hey guys, sorry i've been quiet the last week or so. Life can be awfully crazy with little ones running around! My nails have been splitting a lot lately and i had a nasty looking crack starting on my thumbnail so i decided to do a very thin layer of acrylic on my nails...so if they look slightly different, THAT would be why. I tried to keep it as natural looking as possible. What do you think?

 Anyways enough rambling, i have a new mani to share with y'all! This one is glittertastic! Glitter, glitter and more glitter! :)

For this look, i used Nicole by OPI's Glitter Fun from the Selena Gomez Collection, China Glaze's Polarized and Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Rockstar Pink!


So for my accent nails, i did polarized topped with confetti fun to help pull out a bit more of the colored glitter pieces from the polarized. as you can see it's a super silvery glitter but it does have some small colored glitter pieces in it..so i topped it off with the confetti fun. i think the bigger pieces from the confetti fun help to make the smaller pieces a bit more noticeable. << pretty sure i just repeated myself twice there haha... my other fingers are the rockstar pink.

I love all three of these glitters,  but rockstar pink has to be my favorite of the three. A friend of mine from my school days, Naomi, had shown me a mani of hers using that color and i instantly fell in love! I spent a month or so searching for it and was over the moon when i found it!



yay for glitter!! Whenever i'm in a slump, glitter or neon is my go to choice of polish, this time i opted for mega sparkle!  I hope you enjoyed this!

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